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Apple Watch could get a new look, BP monitoring and more in 2024 – Times of India


Apple may be readying a big update for the Apple Watch in 2024. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning a significant revamp of its popular smartwatch, encompassing fresh aesthetics, cutting-edge health features, and potentially game-changing advancements down the line.
In his weekly newsletter, Gurman suggests a sleeker, thinner design for the next-gen Apple Watch, possibly marking the “anniversary” model we’ve been anticipating.This redesign could involve a refined case and perhaps even a new magnetic band attachment mechanism. While details are scarce, it’s safe to say the visual aspect will receive a refresh.
Two big health features
The Apple Watch has always been a step ahead of the curve when it comes to health and fitness tracking. Now, Gurman suggests that blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection may come to Apple Watch.
The blood pressure monitor, though initially focused on detecting hypertension trends rather than precise readings, will be a significant addition to the impressive array of health features Apple has. It could give users early alerts about potential blood pressure issues and Apple Watch may be able to log relevant data for informed conversations with your doctor.
The sleep apnea detection feature is another one that could come to Apple Watch. Currently, diagnosing sleep apnea often requires inconvenient overnight studies. The Apple Watch’s built-in monitoring, if accurate, could significantly simplify and democratise access to diagnosis, empowering users to take timely action for their health.
It is important to remember that Gurman’s insights are based on leaks and informed speculation, though he does have an uncanny record of being accurate more or less. The final features and capabilities of the 2024 Apple Watch could differ. Nonetheless, 2024 being the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch, the company may have a few aces up its sleeve. It is expected that like every year, Apple could unveil the new Apple Watch models in September next year.


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