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2024 could see Apple make sweeping changes to the AirPods lineup. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, AirPods could get a design change. Also, as per Gurman, Apple may launch two new AirPods in 2024.
While details remain shrouded in Apple’s customary veil of secrecy, Gurman gives a glimpse into what be coming to AirPods. The future AirPods, tentatively dubbed the “fourth generation,” could be made available in two variants.As per Gurman, Apple could offer alternatives to the current AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 with two new models.
ANC, new health features and more
Apple could also combine the design aesthetics of the AirPods Pro and AirPods for the next-gen AirPods, as per Gurman. are rumored to ditch the familiar stem design entirely. Also, the two new AirPods could differ in features as well. The lower-priced variant isn’t expected to get active noise cancellation whereas the higher-priced one. Currently, Apple doesn’t offer ANC in AirPods and reserves it for the AirPods Pro.
The charging case is widely expected to get an overhaul as well. While Apple may not change the design, in a move that will please many, it might finally embrace the ubiquitous USB-C port, bidding farewell to the proprietary Lightning connector. This wouldn’t just simplify charging but also align with the industry’s growing standardisation, eliminating the need for a tangled mess of different cables. The charging case is also expected to support Apple’s Find My app, which will make it easier for users to find lost/missing AirPods.
It is also expected that Apple will add hearing aid functionality to the AirPods. However, that feature is supposed to come as part of a software update.
Of course, with any Apple rumour, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised. Gurman’s insights, while often accurate, are based on leaks and informed speculation. The final design and features could differ significantly. However, the possibility of a completely redesigned AirPods experience, packing improved audio, health tracking, and a USB-C port, might be on the cards.


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