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The European Union’s Digital Markets Act requires Apple and Google to enable developers to publish their iOS apps outside of the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. A similar set of new regulations that will require both the companies to allow app downloading from outside their official app stores is reportedly being drafted in Japan as well.
As per a report by Nikkei Asia, the Japanese government is preparing laws that will require companies that have app stores to allow users to download apps outside their official app stores and provide alternative payment methods.
The report said that the move is “a bid to curb abuse of their dominant position in the Japanese market.”
Legislation slated for next year
The legislation is expected to be sent to parliament next year, the report said, adding that it will “restrict moves by platform operators.”
“Legislation slated to be sent to the parliament in 2024 would restrict moves by platform operators to keep users in the operators’ own ecosystems and shut out rivals, focusing mainly on four areas: app stores and payments, search, browsers, and operating systems,” the report added.
The regulations will allow the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) to impose fines on companies for not adhering to the rules. The fines may be up to 6% of the revenue generated from illegal activities.
The legislation will allow developers to choose their own payment systems so that they won’t have to pay a cut to Apple and Google.
Apple is reportedly working on allowing users in Europe to sideload apps on iPhones in a bid to comply with the EU’s DMA. The iPhone maker’s recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed the company expects to make policy changes related to applications running on iOS and iPadOS.


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