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Anugraha Natarajan is most excited by the simpler things in life


I’ve worked on a project as a photographer that I am excited to put out soon. I picked up photography after I started modelling, and I’ve also been enjoying videography and filmmaking. I’ve been encouraged by photographers who are far better than me to put my work out there, so this is a learning process.

I crave female friendships, and the fashion industry makes you want to have a close set of friends you can rely on. Being in a new city can be intimidating, so having someone to ask if you’re having a bad day is all I need. There was one day when everything kept going wrong. I got off a difficult call, and my friend asked if I was okay and gave me a hug. We cooked, and sat to watch TV together… just existing in silence was nice and I wasn’t falling apart..

On bad days when I feel low on self-esteem, I honestly just sleep it off. I wake up and let tomorrow Anugraha handle things.

My earliest memory of modelling is when my cousin sisters and I would dress up, get together and pose for photos. I was painfully unaware of the fashion industry, but I had so much fun—and I still love looking through our old photo albums to see us grow up together.

My introduction to sisterhood was my cousins. We are all on different paths of life, but are always so proud of each other. We’re all really strong women—which comes from our mothers and aunts being strong influences in our lives and treating us as equals.

Becoming a model was not really a decision, but just something that clicked. I was scouted through an Instagram DM, and was lucky enough to work with some amazing creatives, which gave me the push I needed to keep getting better.

What I love about campaign shoots is that everyone comes from different walks of life and has a story to tell. You can see their stories being told through their interactions and contributions to the shoot, and even from the way they perceive the concept or clothes. Even when we don’t have conversations about our past experience, we understand each other a little better towards the end.

I struggle with social media because in this age and industry, everyone’s eyes are on what you put out. If they don’t see much of you, they don’t remember you—and it’s almost a sin to not be memorable. I don’t try to put a lot of effort into my social media, so I worry it doesn’t even look like I work.

To wind down, I watch a lot of gamers stream. As a child, I was rebellious and used to spend a lot of time gaming. Now that I don’t have that time, I just watch others game.

I don’t ask for much in friendships. Just picking up a call or sending me a picture saying, “I saw this on the road and it reminded me of you.” Little things that make you want to put an effort into keeping a relationship going.

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