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When it comes to star signs, some are just great at putting things off. People are different, but some put things off more than others. Take a look at the star signs that know how to take their time.
Sagittarius Someone born under this sign is always open to new things and thoughts. They have a hard time staying focused because they’re always interested in new and exciting things.
Libra They like things to be fair and nice. They might put things off not because they’re lazy but because they don’t want to be stressed out. People can put off important jobs when they are trying to please everyone and can’t make up their minds.
Pisces They have artistic ideas, but their dreamy thoughts can take over their lives. They put things off and don’t always stick to their plans, but they use their creative ideas to get things done in the end.
Taurus People born under Taurus like things to stay the same and be comfortable, but they can put things off for a long time because they don’t like change. However, they do what they say they will do and stick to it.
Virgo They want everything to be perfect and are known as perfectionists. It’s a good thing, but they get distracted by little things and put off important jobs that need to be done.
Aquarius They like having freedom, putting things off, and taking their time. It’s hard for them to finish their work because they have low self-esteem and a free spirit.
There are different ways for people of each zodiac sign to put things off. Libras put things off to avoid stress and keep things fair; Pisces use their imagination but lose track of time; Tauruses put things off because they don’t like change; Virgos think too much about perfection, and Aquarians take their time because they value freedom. Each sign adds a different flavor to the art of putting things off, making goals harder to hit.
If you look at these star signs, you’ll notice that they all do one thing well: they put things off. Each one makes the art of putting things off, even if it means missing a deadline, more interesting.

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