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The days of clutching a designer handbag with lingering doubts about its authenticity might be numbered. Tech company Entrupy is wielding the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to combat the booming counterfeit market, offering a service that can definitively declare if it is a real Louis Vuitton or Gucci or a fake one. According to a report by Elle, Entrupy, a company founded in 2012 and backed by Louis Vuitton, claims to identify fake designer bags with great accuracy, thanks to AI.
How does the identification happen?
According to the report, Entrupy operates through its innovative software, initiating the process by prompting users to submit comprehensive images of the products from various angles. When dealing with bags, the technology employs high-resolution microscopic lenses, enabling a detailed examination of elements such as the designer plaque’s curved edge, logo intricacies, leather grains, and the serial number.
These specific details are then cross-referenced with accumulated information, linking them to a specific factory or batch number for authentication purposes. In the case of sneakers, a macro lens captures the shoes, cross-referencing them with authentic styles and high-quality duplicates stored in the Entrupy database to verify their authenticity.
After scanning the item and inputting all the required details into the Entrupy system, the authenticity verdict for your item is swiftly delivered within minutes. Although, for certain styles or rare items, the process may take a little longer. Upon confirmation of authenticity, a certificate is promptly issued and sent to you via email.
“The whole point of doing this is to add trust and make it verifiable as a third party,” Entrupy co-founder Vidyuth Srinivasan told Elle. “It’s the consumer having the certainty that this is not just [one] person saying that it’s authentic, there’s also a third party that’s not invested in the transaction, certifying it. It’s all verifiable and trackable over time.”
As of now, Entrupy is working on designer handbags and sneakers from a select brands. For sneakers, it is just Adidas and Nike whereas for bags it is Louis Vuitton and Chanel among others.


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