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  • After villagers’ protest, Darbhanga temple committee lifts ban on animal sacrifice | India News – Times of India

After villagers’ protest, Darbhanga temple committee lifts ban on animal sacrifice | India News – Times of India


PATNA: Barely two days after a ban on animal sacrifice ritual at an old Shyama Mai temple in Darbhanga triggered tension in the areas bringing two groups of people supporting and opposing the ban face to face, the temple management committee on Tuesday withdrew the ban, “honouring” the sentiments of the various sections.
The committee clarified it neither supports nor opposes this sacrifice ritual.
Temple management committee president Surendra Mohan Jha held a formal Press conference on Tuesday to inform any faith can go ahead with their respective practices.
“The temple management committee neither supports nor opposes the animal sacrifice. Every faithful is free to go ahead with their respective practices,” Jha told a media conference.
He informed that from now on, the temple management committee won’t be arranging persons for executing sacrifices nor charging any fee for it.
“Now, it’s the job of the devotee to arrange for persons at their own level to carry out sacrifices. The temple management committee will have nothing to do with it,” Jha said, clarifying that the decision was taken at the level of the temple management committee.
Previously, the committee had been charging Rs500 for every sacrificial ritual in the temple premises.
A temple committee official informed the sacrificial ritual won’t be at an open place either like before. He said the committee had planned to erect a three-four feet-high wall around the place where the sacrifice ritual would be carried out.
At the same time, the committee authorities announced to encourage “symbolic sacrifice” rituals to prevent cruelty towards animals. A temple committee official said they would advise the devotees to chop Ash Gourds or break coconuts at the altar of the deities.
The temple committee had announced a blanket ban on animal sacrifice this weekend which led to tension in the area. While one group supported the ban, the other opposed it, which took a violent turn when it turned into a public clash.
The issue got a political twist when BJP leader Giriraj Singh jumped into the controversy and questioned the ban order.
“Why do the so-called animal lovers, who see the sacrifice of animals at Hindu temples as cruelty towards animals, don’t express similar concerns towards the sacrifice of animals during Bakrid?” Giriraj asked.


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