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A look at places in India that need a breather


Some decades back, Rishikesh was a laidback town, a hub of Hindu temples and just a one-day trip for most people. Increasingly, it has become a hub of adventure sports, including the world-famous rafting on the Ganga, bungee jumping and more. While it has brought in impressive money, it has also pressured Rishikesh into expanding and buckling under sheer demand.

A number of hotels here do not even ensure proper waste management, often secretly dumping waste into the river that is worshipped across the country! A couple have tried encroaching the riverbed, all for that river-view that they’re famous for. While the authorities are vigilant and anti-encroachment drives take place frequently, the onus in on you as well.

Delve deeper into it and you’d know that the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has barred construction of all kinds around river, with a definite cap on the distance.

The next time you’re here, look around, research your property and the practices it follows, head further to places like Dev Prayag, take the load of infinite hospitality off Rishikesh, and you will reach an Uttarakhand that’s seeing increased migration of locals from its upper reaches, with beautiful places that need all your attention.


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