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  • A day ahead of release, trade experts analyze the fate of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

A day ahead of release, trade experts analyze the fate of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Shah Rukh Khan’s third and final movie of 2023 ‘Dunki’ has been in the headlines for quite some time now. With just a day away from the release, all eyes are on whether ‘Dunki‘ will match the fervor generated by SRK’s earlier releases this year.
In an exclusive interview, Komal Nahtasays, “We cannot compare it to the earlier films of Shah Rukh Khan that came from the action genre.The opening for such films is different. ‘Dunki’ is aRajkumar Hirani film, and his movies are known for being slow starters. If the content is good, it might go beyond Shah Rukh Khan’s earlier films.”
“However, if you are under the impression that it will get an opening of a ‘Jawan’ or a ‘Pathaan,’ that will not happen. I believe the opening will be around Rs 35cr on day one of its release. Shah Rukh Khan is certainly on a hat-trick, but the earlier two films were different, and this is a different genre. I have full faith in the director who has a sense of good content, and if he has made a film with the right content with Shah Rukh Khan, then it could be another big hit,” Komal added.

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Discussing further the expected opening day collection, Nahta stated Rs 35cr is a good number for a non-action film. He said, “It may not be exceptional and out of the world, but that is bound to happen because it’s not an action film. It cannot get an opening like ‘Gadar 2,’ ‘Pathaan,’ ‘Jawan,’ or ‘Animal.’ I am looking at Rs. 30-35 crores, which is a noteworthy figure. A non-action film won’t get a bigger opening than this.”
On the one hand, is this upcoming comedy-drama series based on a real social situation, and on the other hand is the action-packed Prabhas starrer ‘Salaar.’ The big screen clash of the SRK and Prabhas starrer is the talk of the town, and speaking on the matter, Komal stated, “‘Salaar is a competition because it’s a big movie coming from the action genre. People know that Prashanth Neel is the director of ‘KGF.’”

Despite all this, Nahta believes ‘Dunki’s box office success will beat ‘Salaar.’ “Yet I feel that ‘Salaar’s opening would be less than that of ‘Dunki’ in the non-southern states. When two films are released on the same day, the exhibitors feel a pinch. Now single-screen cinemas are at a loss. It is not resolved yet because they don’t know whom to give more shows.”
While the screens are being worked upon by the exhibitors trade analyst Atul Mohan is confident that Dunki is bound to get a huge opening at the box office. He said, “Shah Rukh Khan continues his stellar run. Achieving back-to-back 500-plus crore grosses with ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan,’ make him one of the rare stars delivering two blockbusters in a single year.”

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He added, “Teaming up with renowned filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani for ‘Dunki,’ makes it the highly anticipated film of the year. Kicking off the year with the blockbuster ‘Pathaan,’ SRK ensures a grand finale of 2023 with the eagerly awaited ‘Dunki’ during the Christmas weekend.”

“The film’s bookings have taken off to a flying start, and the expectations are set high with a projected day one opening of over 50 crores, making it a strong contender for one of the biggest weekends of the year,” he concluded.


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