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9-year-old girl found dead in apartment complex in Karnataka – Times of India


BENGALURU: A nine-year-old girl was found under mysterious circumstances inside the swimming pool of Prestige Lakeside Habitat apartment, off the Varthur-Gunjur Road in the city’s tech corridor, on Thursday night.
The victim has been identified as Manasa, daughter of private company employee Rajesh. Rajesh and his family reside in tower 17 in the apartment.She was a fourth standard student at a private school.
According to the complaint filed by Rakesh with Varthur police, he suspects that his daughter died of drowning after she accidentally fell into the swimming pool around 7.30 pm. He got to know about the incident around 8 pm. Manasa was playing with a few other children staying in the apartment when the incident happened.
The girl was rushed to a nearby private hospital in an ambulance. The doctors upon examination declared her brought dead.
According to hundreds of residents, the little girl was reportedly electrocuted while playing near the swimming pool and fell into the pool, resulting in drowning. They alleged that a wire was dangling from a light pole near the pool. The girl went to pick a ball from the pool and allegedly got electrocuted.
The cops, who rushed to the spot and hospital said that there were no burn injuries on her body. However, they are not ruling out the allegations made by residents. They say that the postmortem reports will reveal the exact cause of death and remain tight-lipped about if there was a dangling wire near the swimming pool saying that the investigation was on.
However, there were some tense moments in the apartment complex when other residents learnt about the incident and gathered on the road to protest against the apartment association members by charging the latter with negligence. A case of unnatural death has been registered.


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