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9 Jackie Shroff moments that we love to watch on replay


The actor, who reigned supreme in the roles of traditional macho male leads of the ’80s and ’90s, made his debut in 1983 with Hero. He honed his craft through films such as King Uncle (1993), Khalnayak (1993) and Trimurti (1995). In Rangeela (1995), Shroff portrayed a suave gentleman who is the romantic rival of a downright tapori played by Aamir Khan. In a storied career encompassing a wealth of emotions, Shroff has been candid about his beginnings. Growing up in aamchi Mumbai (also the title of a song from his 1998 feature, Badmaash), he came to develop an idiosyncratic cadence, replete with colloquialisms. The virality of the BTS clip provided an open window to the life of the actor, starting with surprise, perhaps about how eccentric his words sounded out of context, and then gradually growing into firm adulation. Today, terms such as bhidu are firmly entrenched, whether through irony or sincerity, in Jackie’s Dictionary.

Shroff has also become an icon for heralding an unconventional grassroots approach to environmentalism. Ped lagao bhidu, roughly translated to ‘Plant a tree, fella,” has become his mantra, as well as his Instagram page where he promotes the cause. In public appearances at plantation programmes, he makes impassioned speeches about a mindset that looks to the future and links the survival of the species to individual efforts. Even here, his vocal delivery—peppered with phrases that laugh in the face of more conventional modes of persuasion—has been credited with gaining him and his mission enormous traction. All said and done, Jackie Shroff has succeeded in evolving from a celebrated actor to a public citizen, channelling his inner drive for revolution through a lexicon that is uniquely his. As memes capitalising on his deftness with the vernacular flood the internet (one asks what Scooby Doo would be called if it were up to Shroff; the answer is Scoobhidu) we compile a list of our top nine Jackie Shroff moments:

“Jab jahaaz aata tha toh hum log khade rehte the ke woh aake bechenge toh hum log khareedenge”


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