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5 Indian finger foods to amp up your New Year’s Eve celebration – Times of India


As the clock ticks down to welcome the New Year, what better way to usher in fresh beginnings than with a delectable array of Indian finger foods? Bursting with flavours and textures, these culinary delights are perfect for a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Here are five irresistible Indian finger foods that will undoubtedly amp up your New Year’s Eve celebration.
Samosas with a Twist
Kick off the festivities with a classic favourite – Samosas. Elevate this traditional treat by experimenting with diverse fillings. Try a fusion of spiced potatoes and paneer, or venture into non-traditional options like minced chicken or even a medley of seasonal vegetables. Serve these golden delights with tangy tamarind chutney or mint yoghurt for a burst of flavours that will leave your guests craving more.

chicke tikka skweers

Chicken Tikka Skewers
Bring a sizzling touch to your celebration with Chicken Tikka Skewers. Marinated in a blend of yoghurt and aromatic spices, the succulent chicken pieces are threaded onto skewers and grilled to perfection. The smoky, charred flavour combined with the juicy tenderness of the chicken makes for an irresistible appetizer. Pair it with a zesty mint chutney for a refreshing contrast.

Dahi Puri Cones

Transform the traditional Dahi Puri into an elegant and convenient finger food by serving it in cone-shaped vessels. These bite-sized cones are filled with a medley of spiced yoghurt, crunchy sev, and a burst of sweet and tangy chutneys. The portable and visually appealing Dahi Puri Cones offer a perfect blend of textures and flavours, making them an ideal addition to your festive spread.

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Pani Puri Shots
Inject a playful and interactive element into your celebration with Pani Puri Shots. Arrange these bite-sized puris on a platter, and let your guests fill them with a spicy and tangy concoction of mint-coriander water, tamarind chutney, and a burst of masala-infused potato filling. The explosion of flavours in each shot is a delightful experience that adds a touch of whimsy to your New Year’s Eve gathering.

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Keema Pav Sliders
Give a nod to the culinary diversity of India with Keema Pav Sliders. Spiced minced meat, or keema, is sandwiched between mini pav buns, creating a delightful fusion of flavours. Add a mint chutney dollop or a cheese slice to enhance the experience. These sliders offer a hearty and satisfying option for guests looking for more substantial finger food during the celebrations.

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Tips for better presentation for New Year’s Eve party

If you want to impress your loved ones, here are a few tips to help you amp up your presentation skills.

Festive plating
Arrange the finger foods on vibrant and festive platters, adding a touch of visual appeal to your spread.
Chutney bar
Create a chutney bar with assorted dips and sauces to complement the diverse flavours of the finger foods.
Refreshing mocktails
Pair the Indian finger foods with refreshing mocktails like Virgin Mojitos or Fruit Punches to keep the celebratory mood alive.

This New Year’s Eve, transport your guests on a culinary journey with these five Indian finger foods that encapsulate the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine. From the iconic Samosa to the playful Pani Puri Shots, each bite is a celebration of flavours. With vibrant presentations and thoughtful accompaniments, your New Year’s Eve gathering is sure to be a memorable feast that leaves everyone eagerly anticipating the culinary adventures that the upcoming year holds.
(Images courtesy: Canva & DinoIndia)


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