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2 apps that smartphone users in the world reportedly wanted to delete in 2023 – Times of India


There are reportedly 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, which is said to represent 59.9% of the global population and 92.7% of all internet users. Those that use social media use an average of 6.7 different networks each month, spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on them per day.
Facebook parent Meta launched Twitter rival Threads in July 2023. Meta, which owns Instagram and Facebook, announced the launch of ‘Threads’, describing it as ‘a new app…for sharing text updates and joining public conversations’. In five days, the app gained 100 million users — setting a record of fastest 100 million downloads worldwide. However, by August it was reported that there had already been an 80% drop in daily active users since launch. Time spent on the app is also said to have dropped, in July users were spending an average 21 minutes on it daily, as of November it has dropped to just three minutes.
In the backdrop of such massive rise and fall of smartphone apps, TRG Datacenters said that it decided to uncover the apps which have fallen out of favour this year. To do this, the company said, that it used the ‘most popular social networks worldwide’ (based on figures from Statista) and took the nine with the most users, only including those that are available in multiple countries worldwide. It then claimed to have analysed how many times over the last 12 months ‘how to delete (my) Facebook account’ had been searched per month on average.
2 apps that “users wanted to delete”
So wondering which app topped the list? As per the report it is Instagram. “According to our data, Instagram is the social media network users were most eager to delete, with over 1 million people worldwide searching ‘how to delete (my) instagram account’ every month in 2023. That’s over 12,500 people per every 100,000 people worldwide,” said the report. “Despite this, the app still boasts 2 billion users worldwide. However, if a million people continue to seek deletion of their accounts every month, the ‘Instagrammable’ bubble could burst, potentially altering its landscape within a year,” adds the report.
This was followed by Snapchat, which first launched in 2011. Almost 130,000 people have looked to delete their Snapchat account per month this year. And whilst this is significantly less than Instagram, it’s still a large part of their 750 million users.


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