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10k migrants day: US border states shut entry points – Times of India


WASHINGTON: US border patrol and several states have found themselves overwhelmed lately, lacking resources to manage the thousands of migrants arriving from Mexico every day – a crisis that has exposed President Biden to intense attacks from his Republican opponents.
Border officials have in recent weeks counted some 10,000 daily crossings – an uptick from preceding months, which had already seen migrants arrive at an accelerating clip.There were more than 2.4 million migrant interceptions via land in the year from October 2022 to September 2023.
On Tuesday, authorities closed railroads at Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas due to a “resurgence” of undocumented migrants entering the United States via freight trains.
Border crossings by car have been suspended at Eagle Pass since early December, as have entry points in California and Arizona, with border police saying they had to move personnel away from those checkpoints to focus on processing irregular entries.
Accusing Biden of “deliberate inaction” on the border issue, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott this week approved a controversial law criminalizing illegal entry into his state. The law, set to go into effect in March, makes it a crime to illegally enter Texas from a foreign country, punishable by six months in prison – or up to 20 years, in the case of repeat offenders. It gives Texas state law enforcement the ability to arrest migrants and deport them to Mexico – a power normally reserved for federal authorities.
The situation is fraught for Biden as he begins his 2024 reelection campaign in earnest: in addition to criticism from the right, which says he is too soft on immigration, the president’s progressive supporters expect him to stay far away from his predecessor’s policies on migrants, who are mostly fleeing poverty and violence in Latin America. But he will have to face the issue head-on one way or another, and soon, as there is no sign the steady flow of arrivals will let up.
Even llies in border states have taken Biden to task over migration, with Arizona’s Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs saying “the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe.”
The reasons for this recent uptick in migration are not totally clear. Several migrants said there has been gossip swirling that a total closure of the US border was imminent. “There were rumors that from the 20th (of December), they wouldn’t let anyone else in,” said 32-year-old Yurianlis Alexmar Camacho, who had come from Venezuela with her husband and four children.


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